Kueh Lapis

Are you hungry?


I shall make for you a Kueh Lapis
It is a multi-layered cake, a sumptuous snack
Each layer is different,
as it is with us; we know no similarities.

(Hold on,
making in process.)

I am making for you a Kueh lapis
Now, its size has grown bigger,
New layers of spices added,
as spicy as our tensions.

(Be patient! It will be ready in
a minute!)

And, its sweet taste will linger
in your sour mouth.
Added with 60 of your favourite ingredients,
Till, now it is poisonous.

You will like it. It is a lovely
scandal of flavours.

Here it is!)

Take it, and eat this local delicacy
You will never feel hungry again.
I have given you a Kueh Lapis
Does it taste delicious?

Fatally so.

A spectrum of colours
in my cake, bakes you a lesson
that rainbows in a cake will kill,

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Conflicts and Wars

It was greenish pastures
- living beings fight over -
till the lands fracture.

Beautiful marches – musical gunshots -
People disintegrate, as little
soil aggregates – clogged.

Nature, turned into this brownish wasteland -
won but lost,
Still, a new “home” to the troops sent.

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