An Ocean in a Drop

We are just another one in many just the same as any alike as every- one can be. We are the social notions Living life in accordance to our illusions Our minds with inaccurate intuitions We are just another drop in the ocean But you, yes you, are the cream of the crop an ocean […]

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Even the Skies said “Sleep”.

I have those nights when I just need to spill my thoughts out from the wild fragmented debate that races through my mind; and the dark skies are my only audience. Sometimes, the swamp of ominous clouds reply, in the form of rain, maybe thunder, telling me to… sleep. Author’s Note: Sleeping is indeed the best way to drown our sorrows. […]

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Chance Noun – A silent opportunity to make things right again. It is frequently missed, yet painfully longed for by guilty hearts; not ready to change. E.g. Chances, when missed, are never able to be found again.

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Humans Plural Noun. – interesting creatures made to be precious jewels; yet allowing others to treat them like dust.

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A One Cent Debt

One cent might Not seem to be an Enormous amount, however Collectively, its sum will Eat you up, leaving you with No way out, but To die, poor. Author’s Note: Acrostic Poem. Hmm.. don’t pigeonhole the importance small things. They are great in numbers.

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Your life will not be very merry, if you keep too many memories – some are precious junk and you need to remove the bunk. No one can live with a hoarded mind. It will only leave you blind.

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Shadows Plural Noun. -it is meant to remind us of the past. how perfect we used to be when we were still ourselves. I remember seeing the same shadow everyday since young. It is meant to haunt you fresh in your memory: the faded light glowing in the darkness. Author’s Note: On a side note, no, I […]

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