The Favor of the Carriage


A student bends over, his brows bow to concentrate
on studying for his final year exam
that he cannot pass.

He would do anything to do well
in subjects he wasn’t made to understand
mugging through days, as his confidence fell through the nights

With the  setback that is constantly emerging,
And, with every battle that he is losing
the Carriage came to ferry him Home
Now, he is riding through the place of Hope
a garden that knew no struggle, there he waits for you and me.

A teacher frowns, and starts to explain
to  the her student who wouldn’t understand
the logical links in a life that follows no line of reasoning

She works everyday of the week,
for the students who wouldn’t work,
Yet, on teacher’s day, she waits to celebrate alone

With every effort she is putting,
And, with every attempt she is not reaping
the Carriage is not far behind
she is going to see all the beautiful hopes and dreams align
and she is waiting to welcome you and me

He is taking a relaxing stroll down the streets of gold
And, she talking to the blooming flowers
Living In a city basking in glorious light

Will the carriage take me home
When will I receive that gift of love
waiting to be greeting, instead of being greeted.