And the worst in life

And the worst in life, is you can never tell.
you can’t tell if someone else loves you, if they’d never show.
because our hearts are invisible cages on fire,
eruptions from within, fireworks in his eyes,
and ignorance in hers.

And the worst in life, is you will never tell.
the feelings, carelessly littering
the future pavements
of his life – of what could have been
if life, had been more giving?

And the worst in life, is you will never know
if that very spark ignited, too,
thunderously silent –
in her heart.

Author’s Note: ironic how fireworks are usually a display of pride for a nation, but not for an individual. Maybe, that’s why people confess. Maybe not. Maybe its just the fact that these fireworks sparked off for nothing. Maybe, it is embarrassing. Or, maybe not.

Just a random post, a thought that lingered around in my mind..