She isn’t the type of girl you play with

I know we are all jigsaw puzzles, with one missing piece in the centre, and I know life is a hide-and-seek game, where that missing piece is constantly running, and we are supposed to find it. I also know, that life has jigsaw puzzles that look far more appealing than the others, and I know that there are many “missing pieces” out there who would try fit in, even if its a misfit. I know.

I know of beautiful jigsaw puzzles that bask effortlessly in the light of attention. And I know you are just one of those lucky puzzle set that enjoys that attention.

But she’s not the type of girl you play with.

Don’t be a jerk. If you do not love the small curls in her handwriting, or the little decorative marks on her face, give her up. If you do not see her eyes as precious jewels, or hear her voice as the pitched perfect melody that musicians strive so hard to achieve, just let her go. If you do not even bother noticing the way she sits in lectures, the way she walks.. let her go. If your heart does not skip a beat whenever she walks past, or if your senses don’t tell you that theres anything different. If the world is the same to you with and without her. Please know that there is someone else who feels otherwise.

Being with a girl you love half-heartedly is bad.

I don’t know why General Paper lectures teach everything about immorality and not tell you that being with a girl you don’t love wholeheartedly is immoral. To her. And to the other guy who loved her wholly.

Because there is this guy out there whose heart will pump so hardly everytime she breezes past, that it pierces through his ribcage. And when she smiles at him, he will feel that the pain is worth it, and he will be willing to be condemned to eternal pain and suffering, just to see her smile. Someone who has been going through hell, but she is the sight of heaven, she is an angel. When he’s the rain and she’s the rainbow that arches over his sky afterwards. She is the morning sun, that he looks forward to see every night.

If that isn’t you, give her up. She is wonderfully, mysteriously and perfectly made (for someone). She deserves someone who believes in her and loves her every single day, not on just whenever your infatuated heart feels like it.

Author’s Note: Just one of those days, when I chanced upon a prose and I could really relate to it. Just I decided to write this out of it. The structure aren’t entirely original, quite a cliche, but what’s wrong right! It’s just a personal rant. And bleh.. maybe I’m that guy… sad lifee..

Death Occurred…

As a child, I learned
that there are two reasons behind
why people clenched their fists.

One. To grab what Courage
is left in the
empty air
that surrounds them.

Two. When they are about to lose
control. Just like how my angry friend
aligned his fingers into an unaligned rock –
to feel his innocence for the last time,
before… Ouch.

Maybe, sometimes, there is a three.
When life burdens build up on you.
Slowly… I can do this..
One. No.. I can’t face this anymore.
Two.. Can I just end this?

Three. when life is so bad that you’d rather
kill yourself and live in hell.
(Was it a coincidence that Death occurred beside
a dark stairway that pointed downwards?)


Throughout my life,
I have learned to ‘be careful’
when handling fragile objects in shops.

We are to be delicate creatures around
wine bottles – cheap or expensive,
and carefully, we must avoid, even
accidentally hitting them.

Not even the mirrors in our houses,
or in furniture shops, must see the slightest
scratch from our fingernails.

Yet, I like how
human hearts are fragile objects too,
but we drop them everyday,
to see the little fragments littered along the
stairways of

(Maybe hearts should be put on display,
in shops too)

Author’s Note: Why am I so bad as a poet.. can’t seem to express myself well enough for other people to appreciate. Grossly upset with my lack of language skills?