How far did the end show the beginning?

The end, is nothing,
but the beginning of all things –

only with the demise of people,
when people are lost,
then people are found
that the life of the people truly begin

only with the death of peace
when wars are starting
then wars are ending
that an era of peace is born

into a world, where hot wars are bad
but cold wars are good
coldly hot wars, they are also bad
but hotly cold wars – they are good

the end is the beginning
of the end.

Author’s Note: How far did the end of cold war show the origins of the cold war? Chanced upon this history essay question lol… and thought this would be my answer to it if only the A levels would accept poetry for an answer!

(Poetry Diary Entry) – They are my Paradox

It seems so amazing

that I do know you, as much as
I don’t –

Isn’t it funny, how people can be so similar,
yet different, as if they were
fittingly unfit for each other –

Maybe there was a mistake,
in this flawless scheme of flawed things –
Or, maybe there isn’t any-
(perhaps, it is an imperfect
reality of perfect things)

Maybe – there are no maybes,
or maybe they are only
maybes – that I may be with you –

but you may never be with me

is reality
just another piece of my imagination –

so alike how

I don’t know you,
as much I do.

Author’s Notes: Sudden flashbacks to those rides home while studying for prelims haha. Some people can really hold conversations that transform realities. Or translate reality, maybe. Or maybe it is all but just a “figment of my imagination”,

If there’s anything, it was a systematic chaos

And the only order she knew,
was a systematic chaos –
that seemed to have arranged the once-organised;
into an abstract standardised

only she,
and she,
knew about.

Author’s Note: Maybe its all but perceptual, but even the connotations of “order” can differ so much from person to person.