Unknownst, we’ve neglected the value of leisure.

It’s past midnight. And you are still awake, while the rest of your family are asleep. You recall the long list of assignments. The deadline is tomorrow. And you wonder, how am I supposed to finish them?

As a student, I receive many homework, projects, and everything else — and not to mention, deadlines which seems seemingly long at first, but swiftly passed, as if time is running a maranthon, and it needs to finish quickly. I cant finish them. I tell myself, as my fingers reluctantly clinged onto my pen, as I pen down the words one by one. I remind myself that sleep will be a reward if I can finish my assignments faster. And I keep repeating those to myself.

But.. but.. the problem of it all is, why am I even trying to rush out assignments at such an hour, so close to its deadline?

Some of you may call it procrastination. But the whole irony of it, is that it really isn’t procrastination. You see, many times teachers and parents tell us, that we have a responsibility to finish this homework, that homework, and every single assignment that they hand out to us. Yes, no doubt about it, homework and assignments are very important. But think about it this way, isn’t leisure just as important as assignments? Isn’t spending time doing your favorite pastimes as important as well? The thing about education today — or with our meritocratic society today — is we become too unforgiving, and we demand that only teachers’ expectations be met, and we forget that it is in our teenage years that our talents and aspirations are explored. You see, time spent doing other things, doesnt mean time is wasted. A minute spent day-dreaming, means a minute spent on explorations, or imaginations that your creative mind has so greatly designed. A minute spent on playing your favourite game, eans a minute spent on learning to relax, and to appreciate the things to enjoy. And why are we condemning dreamers? Why are we looking down on those who want to do things that they want to do?

Our society is really made to be a really conformist one, isn’t it? We rain down on those who wants to depart from the “normal” way of doing things. Yes academics is good, academics do reflect something, but they do not reflect everything.


© Copyright 2014
carmina timotheum.
All rights reserved.


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